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Securing those who are relied upon most.


Everyday First Responders rush out of fire and police stations to save people's lives in their time of need.  Vehicles, cameras, and people all store data, entering and exiting

infrastructure constantly.  Emergency Service IT Teams are over stretched by this

dynamic environment, often unintentionally leaving security as a second tier job 


Sentient Cyber Security works with Emergency Services to assist in bolstering the

security posture of critical infrastructure that helps emergency services protect the people they have sworn oaths to.

Cyber Security Posture Risk Assessments

Reveal your current organizational security posture & ensure regulatory compliance.

Identifying low hanging fruit for rapid improvement without overextending the IT Budget.

Actively Test Organizational Security - Penetration Testing

Find, exploit, and remediate real attack vectors in your organization utilizing a decade of

Offensive Military Cyber Operations experience.

Information Security Awareness Training

Monitor and improve employee resilience to social engineering tactics.

Application Security Assessments

Secure critical applications used by citizens and employees daily

Configuration Management

The most advanced firewall can be averted due to a simple misconfiguration.  Ensure critical devices are following current industry standards and practices.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The new paradigm of operations in the 21st Century - Cyber Events Happen.  Ensure

Citizens remain protected with a well thought out and implemented Disaster Recovery plan.

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