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Perpetual Security Starts

With Visibility

With the proliferation of easy to use exploitation tools and leaks of new vulnerabilities, data breaches and cyber attacks are no longer a concern reserved for large enterprises.  The Perpetual Security Program starts with a vital vulnerability assessment to begin effective security management.

There is a direct correlation between knowledge of security vulnerabilities and strengthening your business with effective procedures for overall risk and compliance with government regulation.

Vulnerability management is an essential component of any information security program and the process of vulnerability assessment is vital to effective security management. Vulnerability assessment provides visibility into the vulnerability of assets deployed in the network.

Vulnerability Assessments are completed using a combination of manual and automated tools and techniques, which will allow Sentient Cyber Security to analyze the target infrastructure or web applications in order to determine the existence of any vulnerabilities. Networks, including virtual environments, are reviewed with over 50,000 known vulnerability checks and assessments.

Sentient Cyber Security will deliver reports detailing the vulnerabilities identified during the assessment, their potential business impact and most importantly, recommends processes for remediation

Move with the shifting threat landscape

Intrusion Prevention

Detect and respond to threats in real time while complying with government regulation with a comprehensive intrusion
prevention system monitoring the network

Network traffic travels through infrastructure in “datagrams” or “packets”.  The Intrusion Prevention System closely monitors these packets, checking for attacks signatures and malicious activity, alerting Sentient to potential attacks

Expose and react to threats in real time by monitoring the network, hosts, and cloud infrastructure 

Identify abnormal network behavior to stop attacks and data leaks in their

Stay up to date with constantly updated threat intelligence 

Train employees.  Recuce risk

Spear Phishing

Actively train employees to mitigate the biggest risk facing businesses. 

The Human Element. 

Spear Phishing targets specific people, researching jobs, organizations, and connections to send specific emails closely replicating the targets actual email usage.  This is the source of 60% of malware infections

Active spear phishing replication trains employees to spot malicious emails, lessening the risk and employee accidentally install malicious software

All links clicked in training emails direct user to a Sentient Cyber Security landing page educating the user on how the malicious link could have been identified before the click

Employees with lowest risk are rewarded by Sentient Cyber Security

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